New Kings Packages (Pvt) Limited has built a reputation for conducting its business with integrity in accordance with high standards of ethical behavior and in compliance with the laws and regulations that govern our business. This reputation is among our most valuable assets and ultimately depends upon the individual actions of each of our employees all over the country.

New Kings Packages (Pvt) Limited code of conduct has been prepared to assist each of us in our reports to not only maintain but enhance this reputation. It provides guidance for business conduct in a number of areas and references to more detailed corporate policies for further direction. The adherence of all employees to high standards of integrity and ethical behavior is mandatory and benefits all stakeholders including our customers, our communities, our shareholders and ourselves.

The Company carefully checks for compliance with the Code by providing suitable information, prevention and control tools and ensuring transparency in all transactions and behaviors by taking corrective measures if and as required.

New Kings Packages (Pvt) Limited Code of Conduct applies to affiliates, employees and others who act for us countrywide, within all sectors, regions, areas and functions.