Research and Development

To sustain continuous and consistent progress in quality packaging, we continue to explore and develop usage of new fibres, films, chemicals, adhesives. With well-equipped laboratories and research resources at our disposal, New King's Packages (Pvt) Limited is a happening place in the area of research. Our Research and Development (R & D) department is committed to developing new products that service changing consumer needs, while evaluating and improving raw materials to reduce costs and increase efficiency.

Laboratory simulation of paper and packaging operations, chemical testing and analysis, comprehensive testing of boxes section and its products and other research and development facilities ensure provision of quality custom-tailored solutions, no matter how diverse the customer requirements.

Art and Design

The Pre-Press (Art and Design) department makes designs for all types of packaging cartons. A team of dedicated artists first creates the artwork, which is then transferred to the cylinder and plate-making department. The Art and Design department has been completely revolutionized.

Output from design is digitally transferred to plates and cylinders so that there is no loss in data. A unique colour management system enables us to preview with accuracy the designs as they will appear on the finished product.