Social Responsibilities

Prohibition of Child labor

The New King’s Packages (Pvt.) Ltd is committed to discourage strongly the child labor practices in its premises and will require its suppliers/subcontractors to abide by the rules & regulations set in this regards. Further, it will not do business with the individuals and companies practicing child labor.

Prohibition of Forced labor

At New King’s Packages Pvt. Ltd all forms of prison or forced labor are prohibited. Moreover, the management of New King’s Packages Pvt. Ltd strictly forbids its suppliers/contractors from employing prisoners to produce goods for sale commercially, including both components and finished products.


The New King’s Packages Pvt. Ltd.’s management employ, pay, promote, and terminate workers on the basis of their ability to do the job, rather than on the basis of personal characteristics or beliefs. Practices that use religion, sex, ethnicity or national origin, disability, political affiliation, social status, sexual orientation, actual or perceived HIV status or legal migrant worker status as a basis for the above is prohibited. Discrimination in any form and of any type is strongly prohibited.

Freedom of association & right of collective bargaining

The New King’s Packages Pvt. Ltd. respects its workers’ rights to representative themselves to bargain collectively. The management ensures that the workers right to nominate their representatives is transparent and legal in all respects.

Health & Safety

The New King’s Packages Pvt. Ltd is committed to provide workers with a safe and healthy work environment including Provision of a separate sounding fire alarm, Provisions of Safety Equipment in Hearing Protection Areas, Conducting First Aid & Fire Fighting Drills, Evacuation Routes on periodic basis, Provisions of clean toilets for worker use, Provision of safe drinking water freely available to all workers at all times


All workers and staff members at New King’s Packages (Pvt.) Ltd are registered for Social security, EOBI and are insured under Group insurance


To provide quality products with satisfactory services. To be a company that attracts new people and retains outstanding people.
We are committed to produce quality products which conform to our customer requirements and strengthen our position as a quality-managed company. Our aim is to provide the market with the best quality products at competitive prices through a customer-driven and service-oriented, dynamic management team. To meet this obligation, the company will continue updating skills of its employees by training, acquisition of new technology, and regular re-evaluation of its quality control and assurance systems.
We are BELCERT and ISO 9001-2000 certified and what does being ISO certified mean:
das 1. Enhanced product quality and reliability at a reasonable price
2. Simplification for improved usability
3. Reduction of waste
4. Increased efficiency
Production capacity 10,000 MOC/day